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Dali Opticon 6 Floor standing speakers

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Desire to learn and share knowledge of science required as is 20 years of participation in forums not all true. Come here to have fun, be ready to be teased and not take online life too seriously. We now measure and review equipment for free!

Click here for details. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Dali Opticon 6 reviewed and measured Thread starter MarcT Start date Dec 3, Dec 3, According to this reviewer, the measurements are quite good in terms of frequency response and excellent for lack of distortion all the way to extremely loud SPL.

The only fly in the ointment might be the bass response only really going down to around 50Hz. But they do also have the Opticon 8, which is rated down to 38Hz. Joined Feb 5, Messages Likes 1, Like most speaker measurements, those are pretty meaningless and can in no way be used as any indicator for sound quality. While of course you can't totally compare different speakers across the same lineup, more often than not it seems the measurements are pretty similar.

The even dispersion up to 10Khz even at 75 degrees off axis is particularly notable. Thread Starter 5. Absolute said:. Dec 4, Thread Starter 6. I wouldn't read much into that.

If remember correctly, the soundstage measurements sometimes have issues in the bass depending on the speaker being measured, as the NRC's anechoic chamber quite small and only accurate down to about 80Hz without special calibration or a different metric that soundstage network doesn't purchase.

Its results are most accurate for sealed box speakers with front-facing woofers. Everything else will likely display inaccuracies. In practice, that often ends up just being another way of saying -6dB. MarcT said:. Hmm, I didn't expect to get that opinion on this site!Dali makes the popular Ikon series disappear and brings the fast-paced Opticon models, including a fine Hybrid tweeter module. The jump in the affordable high-class with the Dali Opticon 6?

We do the Test. The Dali Opticon 6 had to prove themselves in the audio test lab. If you look quickly, could be an optical misinterpretation succumb: This Speaker looks like a combination of two woofers, a midrange and a tweeter.

Not true but. Therefore, attention to the large convex membrane with its 28 millimeters: you could be a midrange driver, is located exactly at the typical Position, but the tweeter a tweeter.

At about 10 Kilohertz, the ribbon, the dome begins her Job already to Hertz. So a One — way design behind common front plate. The has what. The Danes play a pound, so so far, the more expensive Rubicon and Epicon series — and by the way, also a reason for this is to let the established Ikon series, with the previous version from the catalog and then disappear.

In terms of price with the Opticon 6 for Euro, the Pair surprisingly well-cheap, especially in the face of a series production in the high-wage country, Denmark. How to make the Northern lights? They can easily save the case and surprisingly little in the ingredients. The case looks clean wrapped, in a straight line — but not quite as opulent as in the Rubicon — or even in the Epicon series.

Dali Opticon 6 vs Dali Zensor 7 Comparison

Sounds simple, but requires the highly precise Interaction of the Chassis — basket, and wood. Ranked: Dali familiar with an in-house developed Bi-Wiring-Terminal — stately, steady, and also in the bridges fully insulated.

The Assembly of the many small technical features makes these speakers particularly tempting. In addition to the Hybrid tweeter module, the drive of the bass would be there, for example. The membranes themselves are bringing in their red coloring for a further recognition. Those who look closely, discovered the deliberately messy scattered wood fibers in the Papiermix — Dali wants to avoid any possible resonances.

It is a very, very strong, but electric hardly conducting Magnet. With this Material, Dali wants to tackle a particular Problem — hysteresis.

The Demagnetization is slower, which creates a desired resistance, which ultimately leads to distortion. SMC is the ideal material for the solution of the problem: — Magnetic highly conductive, SMC electric, however, is only a ten — thousandth of the conductivity of iron is so nearly neutral.

The two woofers working in separate chambers according to the bass-reflex rules of the game and with Opening to the back. Positive self-willed Dali has designed the tweeter. The resonance frequency is low, the saturation limit is very high.

Is cooled with an extremely low-viscosity magnetic Fluid. The Transmission range is short about 20 Kilohertz, the switch engages, the tweeter rolls, of course. The ribbon rises at about 10 Kilohertz and extends well beyond 30 Kilohertz. Consuming Dali sets the design in a private, fully enclosed Sub-housing.

The sum of all of these technological characteristics features of a particular speaker. So it should be. But all of this is audible?If this were a divorce court, the amount of control Dali exerts over its Opticon speakers could lose it a fair amount in damages. The extra bass driver combined with the volume of its one-metre-tall MDF, lacquered cabinet and pair of reflex ports at the rear promises a lot of muscle for your money.

Dali asks that you position the speakers parallel with the rear wall, not toed in, to lower distortion in the listening area and aid room integration — besides, that ribbon tweeter is deigned to disperse sound evenly in front of the speaker.

Other than that, it is largely a matter of experimentation, but we have ours about three metres apart, and about one metre away from the back and sidewalls of our listening room. The next eight, our focus is turned to the drums that have now joined the fray, displaying a boldness of which Arya Stark would be proud.

That pair of woofers are certainly pulling their weight. MORE: Best hi-fi speakers The lows can rumble and the trebles are rich and soaring, all tied in by an energetic but warm and composed midrange.

dali opticon 6 price

There are four drivers at work here, but their integration is seamless. At no point do we notice any detachment among the frequencies, which is an achievement in itself. See all our Dali reviews. See all our hi-fi speaker reviews.

Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi? What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews. For Bold and expressive Great balance with lots of low end Rhythmically sound. Against Could be more delicate and refined. Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands.

Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. You will receive a verification email shortly. There was a problem. Please refresh the page and try again. Most Popular.They have a great musical quality that passes the warmth, drive, and energy of a live performance free of undue distortion or coloration.

They might wind up being your final choice because of all their endearing qualities.

Dali Opticon 6 review

They also impress with their substantial build quality and great looks. The most prominent of these is the hybrid tweeter assembly that features a soft dome tweeter working in tandem with a ribbon super tweeter. The claimed treble extension of this tweeter is up to 32 kHz! DALI also included a pair of their famous woofers with the wood pulp cones and magnet structures that feature Soft Magnetic Compound in the pole piece.

The claimed bass extension is 49 Hz. They are gorgeous and feature a clean, articulate sound quality. The hybrid tweeter assembly is a long-standing DALI tradition and it involves a rather large soft dome mounted immediately below a ribbon super-tweeter.

This arrangement would be expected to promote a point-source behavior. The ferrofluid-cooled dome tweeter kicks in at 2, Hz and does not have a low pass filter meaning it provides response all the way to the top of its inherent frequency range. Meanwhile, the ribbon super-tweeter crosses in at 10 kHz by way of a low-order filter and provides its full contribution starting at 14 kHz then goes up from there, in tandem with the soft dome tweeter.

According to DALI, the Hybrid Tweeter Module features an extremely smooth and wide horizontal dispersion — one of their sound design hallmarks. This assembly is also claimed to have high power handling.

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So all that tweeter talk is really cool but guess what? The cones are made from a mix of paper and wood fiber pulp that provides low surface resonance and gives the cones their distinctive color. In other words, the cones are rigid and look cool! The woofers feature rubber surrounds and cast aluminum baskets.

They have dual-layer voice coils and ferrite magnets. SMC is a coated magnetic granule that can be shaped into virtually any form. SMC has other desirable qualities which make it a nearly ideal material for a pole piece.

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Most notably it reduces both eddy currents and hysteresis effects. DALI claims all these drivers are wide bandwidth and as a result, a simple crossover network is employed to take advantage of their extended frequency response. More on that later. All off this cutting-edge technology is housed in an equally accomplished cabinet.

dali opticon 6 price

The cabinet is constructed of medium-density fiberboard MDF. The remainder of the cabinet is internally reinforced with solid braces throughout to strengthen the cabinet from within.

dali opticon 6 price

This contributes to the stiffness and practically eliminates resonance within the cabinet. DALI says they take great care designing the layout and application of internal bracing in order to avoid unnecessarily reducing the internal volume of the cabinet.

The high-grade vinyl is carefully selected among the finest available. Extensive testing is carried out to make sure that the surface and joints of the cabinet will stand the test of time.

Available colors are gloss white, gloss black, or walnut.

dali opticon 6 price

The front grille is attached to the front baffle via elegantly hidden inserts integrated into the tweeter and woofer mounting rings. This secures the grilles to the speaker eliminating unwanted resonances or rattles and leaves the baffle clean without unnecessary visual marks. This I liked very, very much!The appearance of DALI Opticon 6 speaker systems inherited much from their predecessors from the older Rubikon series. A lacquered front panel with figured selection above HF unit can be black or white depending on the chosen finish.

Dual bass-reflex port is placed on the back panel, the block of terminals for acoustic cables, providing the connection by bi-wiring or bi-amping scheme, is also there. The speaker systems are installed on four height-adjustable spikes and special legs for their mounting are included. This means that the first one from MF-LF speakers sounds the range up to Hz, when the second one stops at Hz.

Then a dome cloth tweeter comes in, which at the final stage, 14 kHz, passes the baton to strip band. The diffusors of MF-LF and LF speakers are made of reinforced by wooden fibres lacquered cellulose and this allows them to combine optimal stiffness and good internal damping. Fitting location of the basket to the front panel is closed by rubber pads, obviously serving for additional vibro isolation.

All in all, DALI Opticon 6 is a modern model of speaker systems, where high quality of the used materials and solutions combines with design. The sound of the speaker systems is characterized by traditional for the Danish systems filigree elaboration of high-frequency range.

Intelligent combination of tweeters, which use different solutions for converting electric energy into acoustic, allow you to use strong points of each. Dynamic heads and strip bands responds to impulse and work with phase in slightly different ways, so their proper coordination is a difficult task, but in this case the engineers of DALI coped with it brilliant.

Attack, playback of the main tone, and fading of overtones are natural, without extra accents on any of aspects of phonation. The sound in this part of the range can be characterized as balanced and filigree-detailed.

Mid frequencies are smooth and quiet and attaches to a long listening. Speaking about bass, it should be considered as adequate and sufficient. At placing the speaker systems at some distance from walls of a room the attack and intelligibility of bass guitar and double bass do not cause any claims. Surely, DALI Opticon 6 can harder create really serious level of sound pressure of great organ, but they sound the available part of the range very and very good.

I especially want to note the ability of the system to form a convincing three-dimensional sound space, where parties of each instrument take their own places. DALI Floor standing speakers review.Book tickets nowSee your favourite chefs on Sky Channel 247, Virgin TV 260 and find their recipes at goodfoodchannel.

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dali opticon 6 speaker review

I was eventually diagnosed with CFS. I have recently had B12 jabs and self medicate with Sublingual Methycobalamin(B12) daily (as the jabs are not enough to stop the symptoms.However, the wind is not its only defence with contoured fairways making for very few flat lies and several semi-blind and blind shots. These bunkers surround many of the greens, along with shaved run-off areas.

Rather than seeing players chipping out of thick rough if they miss the dance floor, they will instead be left with a choice of putting, playing a bump and run or pitching. The only US Open course in recent memory that was reminiscent of this was Pinehurst no. They will be slick surfaces that run true with many raised or multi-tiered.

In summary, superior ball-striking skills will be rewarded this week, particularly for those who drive the ball well from the tee. Shot-making ability, playing well in the wind and liking firm surfaces are all a plus and an imaginative short-game will be crucial.

Being long certainly looks to be an advantage but not essential, although Driving Distance stats will be far more important than Driving Accuracy over the week. Big hitters often taste success on US Open tracks, with eight of the last 11 winners ranking in the top-eight for DD during the week of their success. A high Greens in Regulation percentage will be key and is usually the case year-in year-out at this major. The US Open invariably boils down to a missed putt here or a key putt there, but in order to be in contention on Sunday, a player needs to be hitting plenty of greens.

The average GIR rank for every champion this century is just 7. However, with plenty of exciting second-shots expected at Erin Hills, it will favour those with a bit of flair and those who are comfortable shaping the ball both ways, meaning strokes gained approaching the green will be a telling stat.

The slick greens will suit aggressive putters, but form with the short-stick is part and parcel of doing well in most tournaments. Salvaging pars from wayward approaches will be challenging this week, making Scrambling a key stat to consider, with a certain amount of creativity required. This will certainly favour the younger generation and the more athletic golfer.

A Par 72 should offer more scoring opportunities and it is a course that will reward aggressive iron-play. Many established names have been crowned US Open champion and in the last six years the cream has really risen to the top. Only Kaymer has been ranked outside the top-15 in the world before winning, but the German had shown his quality by picking up a PGA Championship in 2010.

Last year, DJ continued the trend of recent US Open winners having excellent seasons prior to their title. He had not won before his triumph but he had registered eight top-15 finishes from 11 events.

As a result, every winner since the turn of the century has now recorded at least one top-five finish prior to their success, with nine winning at least once.

The last seven winners, in particular, have all hit top form, with six registering at least four top-10 finishes that year prior to their success (the exception was Kaymer, who still had two, one of which was winning at TPC Sawgrass). Although the course differs every year, previous US Open form looks a big plus.

In the last 20 or so years Retief Goosen, Ernie Els, Lee Janzen and Payne Stewart have all become dual champions, whilst Tiger Woods is a three-time winner. Moreover, despite never winning, Phil Mickelson and Colin Montgomerie finished runner-up on numerous occasions. DJ continued this trend after winning just a year on from the heartbreak of Chambers Bay, as well as 4th in 2014 and 8th in 2010.

This means that 19 of the 27 winners since 1990 had previously recorded a top-10 finish. More recently, six of the last 10 winners had previously had a top-eight finish, while superstars McIlroy and Spieth won on just their third attempt, but had already come 10th and 17th respectively. It is worth looking out for the guys who will embrace the challenge of a US Open. He has been victorious five times from 19 tournaments since Oakmont, along with 12 top-10 finishes.

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In theory, the course looks tailor-made for DJ with his power and ball-striking ability, in addition to his skills as a fantastic wind exponent. However, there are a few questions marks over his form since the freak back injury that kept him out of the Masters, going just 2-12-13-MC since. Furthermore, history is against him, with Tiger the only world no. Except for his record-breaking runaway victory at rain-softened Congressional in 2011, his tournament record is a fairly uninspiring 10-MC-1-MC-41-23-9-MC.

However, he does have six top-10s overall and he leads the way for strokes gained when approaching the greens and is fourth in par 5 scoring average. Moreover, he holds an ace up his sleeve having played well around Erin Hills in the 2011 US Amateur, where he reached the quarter-finals. That extra course knowledge could be vital, so Spieth is one worth adding to the shortlist. His consistent driving of the ball and fantastic iron-play should give him a chance, but as always with Justin it is whether enough putts will drop.

Rose lost that green Jacket to Sergio Garcia (29.

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