Gtv media group guo

Guo, a wanted fugitive in China, has been accused of bribery, fraud and money laundering, all of which he has denied.

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Soon after the investment offering, people began demanding refunds, saying they never received documentation verifying their investments, the newspaper reported. JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo have already frozen accounts tied to the money raised in the operation, sources said. Early this month, Trump ordered the latter two companies, both Chinese, to finalize deals to sell to U.

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Guo Wengui

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gtv media group guo

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Neither Bannon nor Guo responded to requests for comment from the Journal.

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Fundraising at Company Tied to Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui Faces Probe

Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Join HuffPost. Mary Papenfuss. Suggest a correction. Today is National Voter Registration Day!A YouTube video shows Wengui putting his arm around Bannon as the former Trump campaign chairman denounces the Chinese government and extols the alleged benefits of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID The vessel's lavish interior gleams in the background.

On Thursday, Bannon was arrested by federal agents on that same yacht off Westbrook, Connecticut, and booked into jail on fraud charges. Though the charges appear to have nothing to do with the Chinese businessman, the arrest puts a new spotlight on Bannon's relationship with Guo, a controversial figure with his own history of legal entanglements. In a memo to potential investors, according to The Journal, the company identified Bannon as one of several prominent directors.

As of July 10, local authorities noted that no crime had been charged, and the FBI was investigating the matter. The Mercer Island PD incident report identified the suspect as Guo Wengui, describing him as a "billionaire" based out of New York, and noted there were other victims. When Mercer Island police contacted the FBI, local investigators learned that Wengui appeared "to be a target of a large investigation personally and pertaining to his business," according to an official familiar with the matter.

When they followed up, investigators in Washington learned FBI agents had been investigating the case for about a month. Guo, who sometimes goes by Miles Kwok, is a mysterious and polarizing figure — a self-styled crusader against Chinese Communist corruption who has drawn the ire of the Chinese government but has also been sued by other Chinese dissidents.

A former female employee alleges in an ongoing lawsuit that he repeatedly raped her, a charge he disputes. And a former Trump aide, Sam Nunberg, is among many who have sued Guo alleging defamation; he denies the allegations.

gtv media group guo

Guo, who by all accounts made his money in real estate and securities, portrays himself in interviews and court records as an exiled whistleblower, proving an inside account of breathtaking corruption at the heart of the Chinese system.

That lawsuit itself offers an illustration of the divisions of opinion about Guo: The defendant, Hongkuan Li, a well known dissident who says he participated in the Tiananmen Square protests, accused Guo on social media of being a "gangster," a "communist spy puppy," "a rapist" and of "suffering from schizophrenia," Guo's lawyers wrote, charges they say are all false.

That lawsuit purports to recount Guo's history, which includes a incident he says turned him against the Chinese government. As police sought to arrest him for supporting the Tiananmen protests, the suit says, "Two drunken policemen raided Guo's office and fired their weapons directly at his young wife, who was holding his three-month-old baby daughter.

His younger brother…tried to protect Guo's wife and daughter and was shot twice in the altercation," the suit says. Guo's brother was sent to the hospital, the suit says, but "the policemen who shot him instructed the doctors to refuse him any medical care and locked the door. As a New York Times magazine profile pointed out inthat timeline doesn't appear to explain why Guo spent the next two decades growing rich in China through real estate development, a business that typically requires close cooperation with government officials even in democracies, let alone an authoritarian state like China.

In nearly three decades after his brother's death, there is no record of Guo taking a public stand against the party he says caused it, the Times wrote. There are darker allegations against Guo than hypocrisy, however. The suit says she escaped while in London and went to the Chinese embassy, and that she filed a criminal complaint with Chinese authorities.

Guo's lawyers have denied the allegations in court papers.

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Guo is aware of the situation involving Mr. Bannon who has been a strong ally in fighting for freedom and democracy in China. Bannon in fighting for democracy in China had nothing to do with the We Build the Wall organization or Mr. Bannon, the presumption of innocence and the right for a fair trial before an impartial judge. Inas Guo's public profile in the U. The plan was to broadcast a live interview for three hours on social media, but top officials at Voice of America ordered it stopped after an hour and 20 minutes, according to documents and interviews, because they were concerned he was making unverified allegations.

Guo accused the VOA of having been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence, a serious charge that threw the agency into turmoil. But an investigation by independent journalism experts—and a separate State Department inspector general's inquiry — concluded that the decision was based solely on journalistic principles, VOA officials said.

gtv media group guo

In a tweet, the journalist, Sasha Gong, quoted Bannon as saying, "Voice of America tried to clear out all truth-tellers about China in Mandarin Service. VOA executives betrayed American people, Chinese people. Earlier this year, a Bannon ally, Michael Pack, became the head of the U.

The veteran journalists in charge of the VOA, Amanda Bennett and Sandra Sugawara — both of whom were involved in the decision to stop the Guo interview — immediately resigned. She is the author of the New York Times best seller "Unbelievable," about her time covering Donald Trump during the election, for which she also won a Cronkite Award. IE 11 is not supported.

For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Politics Covid U. News Opinion Business World.It was also an early source of unsubstantiated rumors that the Biden family hid business dealings in China—fictions that were eventually repeated by President Donald Trump during the second presidential debate. Twitter confirmed that it had suspended Guo-linked accounts that spread the rumors, but the exiled Chinese businessman and his media properties remain a hub for the explosively viral spread of disinformation.

Weeks before the New York Post published its Oct. On an Oct. The release of the alleged sex tapes, which also claim to show Hunter Biden using drugs on a visit to Beijing, were spread by followers of Guo in an Oct. If a group member was suspended, they were told to immediately use another email to create a new Twitter account, the source said.

It declined to say how many accounts it had banned or which tweets triggered the suspensions. It may have been too late. By the evening of Oct. Many others followed. The Biden rumors have reached a fever pitch in the days before the election.

He quickly joined forces with Bannon, launching a self-proclaimed government-in-exile before Bannon was arrested by U. The company is currently being investigated by the FBI and the U. Lately, however, Guo has lived up to that moniker. Groups of protesters spread flyers and chanted in the driveways outside the homes of Fu and his fellow dissident Wu Jianmin, causing Fu and his family to leave their Midland, Texas, home under police protection.

On Oct. The evidence presented is incredibly shaky, but pro-Guo accounts immediately began sharing the alleged email, accumulating thousands of likes and retweets. Bob Fenet is Bob Fu!! Twitter removed tweets about the email on Friday morning after an inquiry from Foreign Policy. This has come as a surprise to Fu, himself a conservative evangelical and Trump supporter who has close ties to prominent Republican politicians and faith leaders and whose nonprofit organization, which provides legal assistance to Chinese victims of religious repression, is widely respected in Washington.

The rumors may start as typo-filled, radical QAnon-like nonsense.

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This has not slowed their virality. In the paranoid political culture of the CCP, underhanded business dealings and brazen power grabs are ordinary occurrences. It makes wild Biden rumors more believable to Chinese in the United States, who share them in closed WeChat groups that are both incredibly influential and nearly impossible for independent observers to monitor.

Guo and Bannon have also shaken the preelection conversation among the Chinese diaspora and among Chinese-speaking voters, both inside and outside the United States. Hunter Biden rumors have erupted in Taiwan, where Apple Daily has published allegations that a Taiwanese businessman acted as his business broker in both China and Taiwan.

Republican Sen. Commentators have speculated that Guo, who has himself been the target of Chinese-backed online harassment campaigns, could be hedging his bets to protect relationships he maintains within China.Not only did Miles speak about the coming military conflict against the Chinese Communist Party CCPhe also talked about the preparations being made to help refugees.

According to GNewsMiles gave his estimates on the different scenarios and a lot depends on how courageous the people with character in Beijing are. But will they act now, while there is still time? The most urgent and important thing is to spread the truth and information on a timely basis. Our killer tool has not been released yet.

No matter what the future situation in China will be, we will ensure that the communication between our Whistleblower Movement fighters and followers can flow as freely as possible within China and outside of China. This way, we can reduce misjudgements and avoid being controlled by the CCP and the global dark forces.

Our clear and reliable communication will play a key role during the time facing the upcoming war against the CCP. They should then form a transitional government to cooperate with the West and the Chinese people may still have a chance to enjoy a peaceful social transition before it is too late in 3 months time.

gtv media group guo

Time is passing very quickly. The attack may cause a series of earthquakes of magnitude wherever it strikes.

Miles Guo predicts the West will ‘go to war with the Chinese Communist Party’

Our folks in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Thailand have started preparations to assist refugee camps in Asia after the upcoming military action against the CCP starts. All of branches of the New Federal State of China in the world, are urged to make a series of preparations for this upcoming event.

In reality, we can only rescue a small part of the more than one billion people. The most important and realistic thing for us is to provide reliable and actionable information and food. If we can do that, this will be our greatest success. The abolition of the CCP is a unified consensus, regardless what naive people in China think. This has been an unrestricted war with biological weapons with the strategic goal to take over the U.

A human slaughterhouse! Regardless of whether or not the people of Hong Kong believe it! Why did he, at a big risk, help Joe Biden? For what purpose? It wants to enter China as a global search engine!

It also wants to be a distributor of all virtual currencies in China, because then it can control half of China! China President Xi Jinping on Oct. At the military base near Shantou in the east of the province, on Oct. Who is Miles Guo Guo Wengui? He is an exiled Chinese billionaire businessman who became a political activist and controls Beijing Zenith Holdings via proxy people Li Lin and Jiang Yuehuaand other assets.

Ex-Hunter Biden associate claims evidence against Biden family

At the peak of his career, he was 73rd among the richest in China. Guo fled to the United States in lateafter learning he was going to be arrested under allegations of CCP. They seem to have the support of millions of Chinese, mainly Hong Kongers.This docket was last retrieved on December 11, These filings and docket sheets should not be considered findings of fact or liability, nor do they necessarily reflect the view of Justia.

Why Is My Information Online? Subscribe to Justia's Free Newsletters featuring summaries of federal and state court opinions. RSS Track this Docket. Search for this case: An v. Subscribe Now. Justia Legal Resources. Find a Lawyer. Law Students. US Federal Law. US State Law. Other Databases. Legal Marketing. The conference shall be held by telephone. The conference can be accessed by calling the Court's teleconference line at at the scheduled time.

When prompted, enter Access Code The Court will join once all of the parties are on the line. Document filed by Saraca Media Group, Inc Udell, Jeffrey. Filing 25 RULE 7. No Corporate Parent. Filing 24 RULE 7.

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No further extensions of time to answer will be granted. Walden, Jim. Document filed by Ruizheng An. Ni, Angus. Document filed by Wengui Guo. Gavenman, Jeffrey. Filing 18 RULE 7.Guo was accused of corruption and other misdeeds by Chinese authorities and fled to the United States in lateafter learning he was going to be arrested under allegations including bribingkidnappingmoney launderingfraud and rape.

Guo claims to be a whistle-blowerbut some of his statements were unable to be verified by newspapers such as The New York Times.

Guo was born in Shen CountyShandongChina. He is the seventh of eight children in the family. His most famous asset was the Pangu Plazaan Olympic torch -shaped condominium residence built prior to the Beijing games. InGuo departed from China after one of his political connections faced arrest.

He moved to the United States in Guo responded by claiming Hu defamed him and responded with a set of personal accusations against Hu, claiming Hu had a romantic entanglement with his business rival. He opened a Twitter account in earlyfrequently criticizing individuals within the Chinese establishment. Many officials with whom he was said to have ties have fallen under the dragnet of the anti-corruption campaign under Xi Jinpingincluding Ma Jianthe former deputy director of Chinese National Security Bureau, and Zhang Yuethe former Political and Legal Affairs Secretary of Hebei.

He has continued to conduct a political agenda to bring attention to alleged corruption in the Chinese political system from his New York home. Guo is a member of U. Guo also started a campaign of accusing Chinese officials of corruption through live monologues on his YouTube and Twitter channel. The book War for Eternity by Benjamin R. Teitelbaum details Guo's collaboration with Steve Bannon and the latter's attempt to undermine the Chinese government. All three companies were fined by the China Securities Regulatory Commission in Zenith Holdings also acquired a minority stake in Founder Securities by underwriting the new shares.

On October 5,Guo made public in Washington a so-called "confidential document of the Chinese government" with the self-proclaimed verification of the U.

On January 2,The Washington Free Beacon published another such document, featuring China's "decision on conducting communication and coordination work" between China and the North Korea to further a solution to the nuclear issue. Both documents received media attention, with even the U. Department of State claiming their own close attention. They reported that Guo had incited and instigated twin brothers Chen Zhiyu and Chen Zhiheng to forge over 30 national-level official documents as the main content of his so-called "revelation" online, which were documents faked to be issued by the CPC Central Committeethe State Counciland its relevant ministries and commissions.

The proceedings state that in MayGuo Wengui publicly offered rewards for so-called "confidential documents" of the Chinese Government, which was deemed a profitable opportunity by Chen Zhiyu and Chen Zhiheng. The former reached out to Guo under the pseudonym "Zhou Guoming". Guo started working with Chen Zhiyu in August They agreed that a 4, US dollars monthly salary would be paid to hire Chen Zhiyu, who would work full-time to provide needed materials for Guo's "revelation. Guo and the Chen brothers have also fabricated information claiming that a number of central and provincial government officials had illegitimate childrenhouses, mistresses and large bank deposits abroadaccording to the investigation.

On February 18,Chongqing police arrested Chen Zhiyu and Chen Zhiheng in the provinces of Guangdong and Hunan respectively, and confiscated related items. Both suspects confessed their crimes of forging official documents to the police. Police also discovered a large number of allegedly forged official documents of state organs in the suspects' computers and hard drives, involving areas such as China's national defense, diplomacy and financial policies.Bank of America Corp.

The federal probe is being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commission, people familiar with the investigation said. Guo violated securities laws through the private share placement. The New York state attorney general's office has also been examining the matter, these people said. Soon after the fundraising, some investors began pushing for refunds after they said they never received official documentation verifying their investments in GTV Media, among other issues that led them to distrust Mr.

Guo, a former property tycoon who is now one of China's most-wanted fugitives, and Mr. Bannon were two of the key people behind GTV Media's launch this spring, according to a company fundraising document and interviews. The document identifies Mr. Bannon as a company director, while Mr. Guo served as the public face for its fundraising. Associates of Mr. Guo is described as a company adviser.

Guo and Bannon joined forces in the last few years as tough critics of China's Communist Party, and recently have been spending significant time together on Mr. Guo's yacht, according to videos posted on a website affiliated with Mr. Guo faces accusations of wrongdoing in China including bribery, fraud and money laundering -- allegations he has denied.

GTV Media said in a statement that it had carried out the private placement under the guidance of its lawyers and that "all of the raised funds are intact. The company added that it is fully prepared to cooperate with any U. A representative for Mr. Guo didn't provide comment, and Mr. Bannon declined to comment.

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